Bedsore and Nursing Home Abuse

Bedsore and Nursing Home Abuse

When your loved one has been staying in a nursing home, you may have heard them complaining of open sores that they are dealing with. These are called bedsores, or pressure sores, and do not happen over a matter of hours. Instead, it can take a longer period of time for these to develop. If this is the first you are hearing of something bad, it should be a sign that the nursing home your loved one is in maybe neglecting them. It is fully possible to avoid bedsores and if your loved one is dealing with them, you should speak with a doctor—and a lawyer—right away. 

Can nursing home staff prevent bedsores from happening? 

It is absolutely possible for nursing home staff to prevent your loved one (and other residents) from getting bedsores. When you speak with a lawyer, like a nursing home lawyer from a law firm like Brown Kiely, LLP, we can work to investigate and determine if abuse or neglect has happened and how long it has been ongoing. 

What causes bedsores? 

Remember, bedsores do not simply happen. They are caused from: 

  • Friction. Skin (especially moist skin) rubbing against sheets or clothes.
  • Pressure. If your loved one is laying in the same position without being moved or rolling over, that pressure can cut off nutrients and oxygen from flowing to the skin, causing it to decay. 

If your loved one is suffering from bedsores, remember that they did not appear overnight and they will not go away that quickly either. Instead, your loved one may go through a lengthy and painful process when trying to get rid of bedsores. Some bedsores may take over six months to go away and some may cause such serious damage to the skin that they require an amputation of the nearby limb.

Your loved one should get legal compensation when they have suffered from neglect that caused them to get bedsores. These can be incredibly painful and your loved one should be receiving the care and attention they need when placed in a nursing home. Staff members are trained to help residents move and get out of certain positions so that bedsores do not happen.  

Get Help For Your Loved One

This is not a situation to take lightly. If your loved one is suffering from bedsores, they may be dealing with other types of neglect or abuse as well. Reach out to a local attorney you can trust today.