Counseling and the Divorce Process

Life is full of complications and stress. Nobody is excluded from the tremendous pressure of success and living a meaningful life. In today’s world of social media, many people feel the burden of wanting a perfect life and to flaunt it for the world to see. However, the reality is that the idea of perfection does not translate to everyday life. The snapshots that are shared on social media platforms are just that — a snapshot of a moment in time where the viewer can draw whatever conclusion he or she wishes. With this pressure, failing relationships can cause desperation and emotional devastation. 

Therapy can be beneficial in many different ways. For some, couples counseling, like couples counseling in Palatine, IL, is appropriate in order to determine if the marriage can be salvaged. For others, counseling is necessary to prepare for the divorce process. Ultimately, mental health professionals are in a position to help individuals and couples work through difficult emotional baggage. In discussing the relationship with a neutral party, it may become easier to work through the myriad of complications presently and in the future. In doing so, the hope is that the couple will find a path to living a happier and more fulfilling life. Whether that path is walked on together or apart depends on the couple.

Saving the Marriage

Relationships are multilayered. The longer the history of the couple, the more layers there are to work through. Sometimes in relationships, one or both partners hold on to resentment for things that happened many years in the past. They may not even realize the source of resentment but many of his or her actions in the relationship stem from those harbored feelings. 

In addition, communication skills in the relationship are crucial for change and growth. In seeking guidance from a neutral party such as a therapist, the couple may be able to safely discuss present and past issues. The couple may find a way to repair the communication that has been lost and work towards a healthier relationship that is fulfilling to both people in the relationship. In addition, when there are children involved, relationship dynamics are more complicated. The stressors are often greater and the need for better communication is necessary. A therapist can guide the couple on how to maintain a happier household.   

The Divorce Process

In the event that counseling reveals separation and divorce as the healthiest answer, the therapist can facilitate the emotional process of such a big change. In addition, couples counseling may help define the new relationship that the couple will have post-marriage. This will be especially important when children are part of the divorce process. Not only will the children need support through the divorce process, but they will likely need help in adjusting to such changes and the new routine. The therapist can assist with the initial paperwork such as filing the divorce petition and the details that go into the petition, such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and living arrangements.

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