Couples Counseling for Insomnia

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When you spend almost 1/3 of your life sleeping with your partner in the same bed, you get to know them in a completely different way. Do they hog the covers? Do they snore? Maybe they like to keep the thermostat 10 degrees cooler than you do. However, one of the biggest problems that many couples face today involve their sleeping life. If your partner struggles to get to sleep, it can begin impacting not only your own sleep but also your relationship. Sleep can play a huge factor in how satisfied you and your partner are in your relationship, and if you have children, this can make it even tougher. This is why the couples counselors believe seeing an insomnia doctor in addition to going to couples counseling in Palatine, IL can greatly help your relationship. 

Sleep Recommendations

Counselors have spoken with many insomnia doctors to see how they can help patients with their sleeping problems. If one of you suffers from insomnia and it is beginning to impact your relationship, try to follow some of the tips below.

  1. Set the Mood. In this case, the mood is silence. You want to make sure you get your sleep and one of the reasons many people suffer from insomnia is because of their environment. Purchase earplugs to drown out your partner’s snoring or to hide the noises of a creaky house.
  2. We Wake Up at Different Times. Many people can’t go back to bed after their partner’s alarm clock wakes them up in the morning. This is not uncommon since most people have different work schedules. When this is the case, consider getting a noiseless, vibrating alarm. These can be placed on opposite sides of the bed or even in your pillowcases so that you can each wake up on your own without waking up your significant other.
  3. Go to Bed at Different Times. If you can’t sleep because your partner makes too much noise or movement as you are falling asleep, consider going to bed earlier. Once you are in REM sleep, your partner can join you in bed without worrying that they will wake you.
  4. Turn off the Lights. For some people, even the smallest amount of light can cause you to lose sleep. Talk with your significant other about having a phone-free zone, purchase some blackout curtains, or buy an eye mask. Your relationship will thank you.

Sleep is incredibly important to relationships, and you and your partner need to discover the best sleep routine for your relationship. If you find that you are still losing out on sleep after implementing these tips, however, it may be time to see an insomnia doctor. Remember, time in the bedroom with your significant other is special, and that includes sleeping. Call an office today for more information.



Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into therapy and couples counseling for insomnia.