Frequently Asked Questions: Can Couples Therapy Save My Relationship?

Relationships take a lot of work. When facing challenges in your own relationship, you may wonder whether therapy can save your relationship. While there are no guarantees, seeking couples therapy can help you and your partner to process challenges and strengthen your communication. You and your partner may be aware that there is a problem; it can be challenging to know how best to repair. A therapist can provide a neutral setting to help you and your partner to engage in productive and focused conversation. Are you considering couples therapy? Contact a couples therapist today so that they can answer the questions you may have about participating in treatment as a couple. 

Will therapy fix my relationship?

When facing relationship difficulties, it’s possible that you may be able to repair your relationship and come out on the other end stronger. Be aware that committing to another person does mean that you stand to face roadblocks along the way. While therapy can not fix everything, with hard work, you and your partner may be able to build skills and discuss issues in a supportive and productive way. 

What can we expect from our first couples therapy session?

The idea of couples therapy can be nerve-wracking for many. Chances are you and your partner will be feeling apprehensive over what their first therapy session entails. You can expect that your couples therapist will work to make you feel as comfortable as possible. At your first session, your therapist will ask the reason why the both of you are seeking couples counseling. They will spend time learning who you both are and explaining treatment and what you can expect from therapy. 

When engaged in couples therapy, will my partner and I ever meet individually with the therapist?

Yes- sometimes, your couples therapist may find it opportunistic to meet with each partner 1:1. Be aware, though, that this can vary based on your clinician. This can help the therapist develop a rapport with each person and allow them to hear individual perspectives. However, it’s essential to be aware that your therapist will have to be careful that they don’t find themselves in a position where they are providing individual therapy. 

Will a therapist ever encourage my partner and I to end our relationship?

Be aware that couples therapy doesn’t always repair a relationship. Sometimes, talking things through with a professional may be a way for couples to reach the determination that it’s time to end the relationship. While a therapist can help guide you both in these conversations, they should never tell you whether you should end your relationship or not. 

Challenges with your partner can be frustrating. When issues between two people are not resolved, continuing with the relationship may be difficult. In some cases, being unable to work through problems in your relationship can result in an unhappy relationship. Should you and your partner find yourself at odds, reaching out to a couples therapist early on can help in repairing some of the damage. To schedule an appointment, or to learn more, contact an experienced licensed couples therapist, like a therapist in Palatine, IL from Lotus Wellness Center