Pregnancy Guide to Seeing the Chiropractor

Though being pregnant can be one of the most joyful times of a woman’s life, it also brings many challenges. Changes in the body, including hormonal and physiological, can cause pain, discomfort and irritation. If you find yourself feeling the effects of pregnancy as the weeks and months go by, you shouldn’t have to put up with the agonizing pain. Chiropractic care can be effective at relieving many of the symptoms you feel.

Safety Issues

There has long been debate over whether it is safe for a pregnant woman to get chiropractic adjustments and other care from a chiropractor. Some people may worry about the woman’s health, while other questions focus on the developing fetus. Fortunately, you can have peace of mind to know that these visits shouldn’t pose any danger to you or your baby. Though you should also express any concerns to the chiropractor before you start, these treatments can be beneficial throughout the nine months.

When to Start, When to Stop

Pregnant women can start seeing a chiropractor as soon as they find out they are expecting. The earliest stages of pregnancy can bring discomfort as muscles and joints start to feel the strain of pressures of pregnancy. It is safe to visit during all three trimesters. Many women look forward to their appointments up until the final weeks and days before delivery.

Ailments Chiropractic Work Can Address

Pregnant patients frequently complain of lower back and hip pain. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce tension and stress in these areas by realigning the spine and manipulating other joints. Pregnancy is also hard on the woman’s pelvis and may even affect her balance. Treatment at a chiropractic office can reduce these issues and improve the woman’s range of motion, mobility and flexibility.

Adjustments to the Adjustments

While most patients will lie face-down on a table for the chiropractic adjustment, this isn’t practical for you if you’re pregnant. Instead, the chiropractor may put you on your side or allow you to sit in a chair. A pillow or cushion between your knees may improve your comfort level during these treatments.

When to Come Back

Women should wait at least six to eight weeks after giving birth to return to the chiropractor’s office. This will allow your body to heal. During this period, your muscles and joints will also tighten, making around two months the ideal time to resume treatment.