Should I hire a demolition company or do the job myself?

In advance of tearing down a building, you may be undecided as to whether or not you should hire a demolition company, or perform the work yourself in order to save some money. Demolition work is often necessary in advance of building a new structure, or adding to an existing one. Some jobs are small and uncomplicated, such as tearing down and removing a metal shed. These are jobs that do not necessarily require hiring a demolition company if you are in good physical shape, have the equipment to perform the work, and a suitable vehicle to haul the refuse to the appropriate facility. However, for larger jobs, it usually pays to hire a respected demolition company. In the end, you may even save money because of the time savings.

Hiring a demolition company is often the first choice for these reasons:

·         They are trained to perform the job and complete it without issues. Demolition is by its very nature a noisy and destructive process. For the homeowner who sets out to do the demolition on their own, they are likely to run into unexpected problems. For an experienced professional, there is often nothing that surprises them because they have handled any given situation innumerable times in the past. They come prepared with contingency equipment and resources that will probably not happen, but if they do, they can tackle them without delay. Using heavy duty equipment, they can complete the job much faster than the average homeowner who does not own costly hydraulic machines and other tools built for the job.

·         They will have an understanding of what hazardous materials may be involved, and will know how to mitigate the risks even before they begin demolition. In buildings constructed before 1990, certain areas and materials may contain asbestos. If the asbestos is disturbed in any way, it may release nearly microscopic fibers into the air. That can put those who inhale the fibers at great risk for contracting fatal conditions such as lung disease, which can be caused by asbestos exposure. Mold remediation or its removal can also cause serious health conditions along with lead-based paint removal that may be part of old walls. A demolition contractor is prepared for these situations, knows how to identify them beforehand, and understands how to safely deal with them.

·         They will be familiar with the regulatory compliance requirements. This includes everything from applying for and obtaining the proper permits to the lawful disposal of materials, and supplying OSHA-approved safety equipment to their workers. Proper licensing, certifications, and training can all be expected when a building owner hires a demolition contractor.

·         They will have established safety mandates that they will follow to ensure the well-being of their workers, the building owner and its occupants, visitors, as well as passersby. This is important on its own, but it’s also important in order to reduce the building owner’s liability risk. If the owner takes it upon themselves to perform the demolition, one misstep could cause themselves or others a catastrophic or fatal injury.

Hiring a demolition company for home demolition services in LA to perform the job is often a wise investment. 

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into demolition services and why to hire a company.