Things to Consider When Scheduling a Chiropractic Appointment

When scheduling a healthcare visit with a chiropractic physician there are a few things you may wish to take into consideration to help you make the most of your visit. Familiarize yourself with terms related to this healthcare science and do a bit of research to learn about the unique offerings chiropractors provide. Look at referral sources and read online reviews to help you choose between practitioners. Think about your goals for care which might include general wellness or care for a specific problem. These suggestions will help you in the decision making process as you can better identify doctors best suited for your needs. 

Online resources to learn about chiropractic abound and doctor websites and blogs can provide useful information. Chiropractic physicians are musculoskeletal specialists specializing in spinal and nervous system care as well as postural realignment. Medical terms such as subluxation and ligamentous laxity are part of the jargon; but it is not necessary to be completely fluent in the language to the science to benefit from care. Just be sure to ask questions once you go in about anything you don’t understand regarding this hands-on healthcare option.

Some providers specialize in sports injuries or pain relief, others in general wellness, and others are general practitioners. There are chiropractic offices that host x-ray and laboratory facilities on site and some multidisciplinary clinics provide access to several different types of providers in one clinic. Alternately, providers may operate solo clinics and a patient interacts with just one provider who may employ a small office staff. 

Your insurance company may also have a list of participating providers you can use to narrow the selection if you wish, although this is by no means necessary and many people choose to self pay for this affordable type of healthcare. If you choose to use your insurance, check to see if a practice you consider using can help you determine your benefits to facilitate the financial side.

Many people utilize online review boards to help them learn about doctors. Sites such as Facebook and Angie’s List have helped many people see how a practitioner helps others. Also, ask friends and family for recommendations. Once you’ve whittled down the selection process, check out the practice’s online presence and visit their website. Is the website easy to navigate? Do they have a patient portal to allow you to make appointments and talk with the doctor after hours? Call the office’s front desk during normal business hours to talk with the front desk person and ask any remaining questions you may have. Then schedule an appointment.

Chiropractic healing is a wonderful nondrug healing method. Schedule an appointment today! If you’re in the Chapel Hill, NC area, contact the chiropractic and acupuncture offices of Dr. Lisa Oskardmay to learn more.