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When Does Robocalling For Debt Collection Become Illegal?

Let’s face it, getting phone calls from automated voice messages can be excruciatingly annoying, especially if a person gets half a dozen or more per day. Many companies and agencies may use these pre-recorded robot calls as a way to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. Debt collection agencies are perhaps one of the most common companies that use robocalls as a way to seek payment from those who still owe money. While most people simply ignore these calls and continue about their day, they may be surprised to find out that these robocalls may in fact be unlawful.  Those who are flooded with robocalls from a debt collection agency may consider meeting with a legal professional about whether their rights have been violated. Here are a just a few common questions a person may ask when talking with an attorney: 

How do I know whether the robocalls from a debt collector are illegal? 

The person receiving the robocalls must first provide consent to the agency before such calls can be made. Unfortunately, a person may not even realize they had granted permission. An agency who obtains an individual’s phone number from when he or she filled out an account application may take this as consent to be contacted.

Is it possible for robocalls to be a good thing?

Some people may find robocalls useful, but only if they are not being sent from their debt collector. Robocalls can be positive, if they are purely informational and intended for that specific person. For example, a person may need to know if their class has been canceled, their prescription is ready, or a reminder of an upcoming appointment. Such helpful robocalls may be sent from a healthcare provider, dentist, college or other institution. 

How can I get these robocalls from my debt collector to stop?

If you have requested to the debt collection agency to not contact you through cell phone, have removed that number from your records, and tried other tactics to no avail, then it may be time to meet with an attorney for assistance. Sometimes, it can be easier to fight such a large company when you have representation and insight from a legal professional. 

If I am interested in suing the debt collection agency, what should I know?

It is vital that you refrain from deleting voicemails or blocking phone numbers that were robocalls sent from the debt collection agency. This information can influence the outcome of your case, as it proves just how many times the agency called you unlawfully. A person who has been illegally robocalled by such an agency may receive financial compensation for every single call made. The more numbers and voicemails you have, the more likely you are to get a higher monetary award. In some cases, it may be difficult to determine whether the robocalls you are getting are in fact breaking the law. An attorney can talk with you further about the situation and offer advice on the best course of action.