3 Steps to Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment

You or someone close to you may be experiencing oral stress. Whether it be crowding in the mouth, overbite, or something else, your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. You eat, breath, and speak with it.

While it may be something less dire like needing braces, the question may pop up, “How do I schedule an appointment with an orthodontist?” The steps are simple to follow.

Step 1. Recognize the Problem

The first task is to understand exactly what you are needing. In this case, it may be the earlier braces issue. You may opt to speak to your general dentist to start this inquiry, but it is not necessary. You do not need a referral from your dentist to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

However, it may be helpful to approach one beforehand. Your dentist may give you insight to your specific issue and be able to provide a list of orthodontists local to your area. Remember, you do not need to use the list they give you. It is only advice.

Step 2. Locate an Orthodontist

A simple internet search can get you results for oral care near you. After writing down a few nearby, continue with:

  • Reaching out to your community and asking for reviews
  • Asking your dentist, should you want a second opinion
  • Reading the orthodontist’s website and testimonials
  • Checking if your insurance coverage applies
  • Calling the offices for information gathering

Before any actions are taken, it may be wise to give it a day to settle. The people you speak to over the phone may help with general information but will most likely try to schedule you an appointment right away. Take note of which office you feel more comfortable with.

Step 3. Schedule an Appointment

After you gather the information, make a list, and decide on an office, it is time to call and set your appointment. Some websites may have offered an online resource to start your treatment. This could have come up in your notes. Choose a good day when you are off work or can fit it well into your schedule as appointment times may have an unexpected duration.Remember, when you start this process, it is helpful to understand your specific need. After you know that, it should be easy to locate an orthodontist nearby. You do not need to, but you can reach out to your general dentist for help in these matters. They can examine you and provide an easy referral, even though none is needed. After those steps are followed, you can feel free to schedule an appointment. When it comes to your health, it is good to take care of things soon. Smile, you are on your way. For more information about orthodontics, contact an orthodontist, like John Redmond Orthodontics, today.