Chiropractic Treatment: Bidding Goodbye to Insomnia

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The term chiropractic is derived from the English word chiro meaning ‘hand’ and the Greek word praktikos meaning ‘practical’. The word chiropractic refers to the use of hand-on manipulations to the spine intending to enable the body to heal from an injury or displacement caused by a traumatic event or strain.

The theory behind it being that if the musculoskeletal structure is aligned properly, then the body can repair its own damage without the help of any surgery or medication. But chiropractic treatment is often used as a therapeutic activity alongside medication or as a post-operative treatment after surgery.

Chiropractic treatment has proven to be beneficial for back pain, stress, high blood pressure, digestion problems, and recovery from minor spinal injuries. The direct connection between the method and the body’s sleep-cycle is yet to be discovered. However, renowned chiropractors and their patients have reported that chiropractic treatment has in fact helped them a lot to deal with their insomnia to the extent of it being mostly to fully cured. So, we looked a little deeper into the picture to find scientific reasons behind their claims. Here is what we found:

Neurological Benefits

Chiropractic treatment focuses solely on the proper alignment of the spine, and because the spine holds the spinal cord that leads way up to the pituitary gland, your spine basically works as the joystick of your body. So, if the spine is taken care of in a proper way, it would relax and refurbish your whole nervous system, leading to a better, more relaxed and uninterrupted sleep-cycle. 

Psychological Benefits

Mental health is often related to insomnia, and it is not surprising that your nervous system can directly be affected by your mental condition. Chiropractic treatment has been proven to reduce hypertension by hypertension expert George Bakris in 2007. He conducted a study along with a team of researchers which clearly shows that a chiropractic adjustment made to the upper cervix benefitted the patient the same amount as two blood pressure lowering pills.

And on top of that, the effects of the single adjustment reportedly lasted for as long as six months, further confirming his claim. The decrease of hypertension and blood pressure levels to a normal level eventually resulted in a better sleeping order.


The health factors stated above are a few of the many scientifically evident correlations between treatment for chiropractic in Mesa, AZ and recovery from insomnia. By analyzing them we can conclude that chiropractic treatment or adjustment can certainly be a systematic and drug-free approach to treating insomnia, with even better and longer lasting results.

Thanks to LifeCare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and help for insomnia.