An Overview of Chiropractic Adjustments

If you’re struggling with back pain, you’re not alone. This is a common ailment of adults, especially among middle-aged and elderly people. Some back issues are minor and only occasional, but others are constant and debilitating. If your joint pain is limiting your quality of life, it’s time to get a chiropractic adjustment. This procedure can help you regain the strength you need. If you’re not familiar with what a chiropractor does and what an adjustment entails, it’s helpful to learn more about it.

How It Works

If you have discomfort, soreness or tightness anywhere in your back, you may think popping it can solve the problem. A chiropractor’s adjustment does much more than this. In this procedure, the chiropractor will move the spine back into its proper alignment. Doing this promotes healing in the body and can correct many issues that are causing your pain. When you get an adjustment, you will lie on a table or sit face-down in a chair. The chiropractor places his or her hands on your back. Then, using direct, sudden force, the chiropractor manipulates the spine, adjusting its position.

What It Does

By aligning the spine, the adjustment can promote better mobility, flexibility and range of motion. It’s not only useful to combat back pain, but it can also help with similar issues in the shoulders, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet. People who suffer from frequent headaches and migraines find relief from adjustments as well.

Ideal Patients

One of the many positive aspects of an adjustment is that it can be effective for people of all ages. Even young children can benefit from an adjustment, especially ones born with spinal conditions. Car accident victims, pregnant women and athletes are frequent visitors to chiropractic offices.

Treatment Details

Because every patient has different needs and goals, the treatment duration and length will vary. To determine the right treatment plan, the chiropractor will take X-rays of the injured area. The chiropractor will also perform an examination and review the person’s health history. Some people may require ongoing treatment multiple times a week. Others may only need to come into the office a few times before their condition improves significantly. Your chiropractor will discuss the appropriate approach with you at your first appointment.

Getting an adjustment might make the most sense in relieving your back pain or the problems you’re struggling with in other joints. Make an appointment with a chiropractor, like from AmeriWell Clinics, today.