Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, taking on the responsible party, their lawyer, and the insurance company can be a heavy load, especially when the accident results in injuries that require ample recovery time. In some cases, victims may receive calls from lawyers or insurance adjusters with questions about the case. Sometimes, this may happen before victims have had the time to secure a lawyer yet. While these calls may seem harmless, lawyers from Hall-Justice tell their clients that undergoing questions from the opposing side could severely impact the case’s outcome. Although victims of car accidents deserve compensation when there is a negligent party involved, it’s possible to make innocent mistakes that can harm the settlement they are entitled to. Often victims choose to have the representation of a lawyer when it comes to protecting their rights and ensuring that they do not make any of the following common missteps throughout the process of seeking a settlement for the damages they have suffered.

Avoid These Common Missteps

When a car accident occurs, the moments and hours ahead are often chaotic. Amidst the shock of the accident and potential injuries victims may face, it can be challenging to think clearly or even understand how best to move forward. Because of this, it’s possible to make common mistakes in the immediate aftermath of a car accident and the days, weeks, and months moving forward. Here are common mistakes car accident victims can make that could impact their ability to retain a positive outcome: 

Failing to Call the Police

For most accidents that result in property damage and injuries, parties involved are required to reach out to law enforcement. Having the police come to the scene ensures that the location is secured from further accidents, victims receive emergency medical treatment, and results in a police report which outlines essential information in proving the case. When law enforcement is not at the scene investigating the accident, critical pieces of evidence may be missing. 

Avoid Admitting Fault

There are many ways that a victim could inadvertently admit fault for a car accident. A car accident lawyer, will share that admitting fault could cause insurance companies, law enforcement, and lawyers to blame the victim. It’s important to avoid: 

  • Apologizing to the other driver for the mistake you think you made
  • Answering questions from the opposing party
  • Admitting fault to law enforcement for the accident

Keep in mind that anything you say regarding your involvement in the accident could be used against you. 

Avoid Posting to Social Media

People worldwide post detailed information on social media about their personal, everyday life experiences. While this is a perfectly normal activity for many, doing so could be detrimental to a legal claim for several reasons. Following an accident, a victim may post information about the accident, photos of what happened, or even lead others to believe they have made a full recovery when they haven’t. The opposing side can use the information on social media accounts against the victim. Still, it may also appear to outsiders as though the injuries weren’t as severe or that the victim isn’t as impacted as they led the opposing side to believe. It’s important to refrain from posting to social media altogether. 

Wait for a Lawyer Before Speaking

As already mentioned, it’s common for an innocent victim to admit fault for the accident inadvertently or make a statement that could lead insurance companies to believe that injuries aren’t as extensive as they are. Making this mistake can be detrimental to a personal injury claim. It can result in a significantly lower settlement offer than the victim deserves or, worse, having the claim denied altogether.