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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

What Kind of Injuries Can You Receive If You’re Abused in a Nursing Home

As we answer this question, you can receive bruises, lacerations and even broken bones and you can receive these as soon as a couple weeks after going into the nursing home. This could even happen to you as you’re leaving the ambulance I transported you to the nursing home. Nursing home injuries are very common, and not all of them are a sign of abuse but many of them are. If you have a loved one in a nursing home you think they are being abused, speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer such as the ones available at Davis & Brusca, LLC.

What Is a Nursing Home Injury?

A nursing home injury is going to be any type of physical harm to somebody who is living in a nursing home is going to suffer while they are staying at this long-term care facility in lieu of staying with their family. Oftentimes when people are placed in a nursing home that is because their family can no longer provide them 24 hour care that they require. It is supposed to be considered safer for them to live in a nursing home where people with medical degrees can provide care for them 24 hours a day.

As you age you are risking certain injuries such as falls and severe infections because these risks increase with age. And to reduce the risk of accidental injuries families often place their loved ones in a nursing home so that they will have round-the-clock care. But seniors can and do still suffer serious injuries in nursing homes and in far too many cases these injuries are stemming from nursing home abuse. Just like abuse for anyone else, abuse or seniors leave some traumatized and permanently disabled or worse.

Some common nursing home injuries include but are not limited to as a society full or exhaustive list and everyone’s injuries are different:

  • Bedrail injuries
  • Bedsores
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Falls
  • Infections
  • Spinal injuries

Causes of Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home injuries can stem from many different causes, and some of these are accidents such as somebody falling and breaking a bone after they fall. However you should also consider that falls are preventable, and nursing staff should be taking preventive measures if they know their resident is unable to stand on their own. So if the resident home staff know that their resident is unable to stand on their own and yet they are still allowing this Preakness and on their own that could be considered neglect. Talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible if you think that your lover is being abused, because the nursing home abuse lawyers are going to know best how to determine if it is abuse or just an accident.

Nursing home abuse can cause seniors to receive physical injuries and staff members are punching, kicking or assaulting them in other ways. Nursing home neglect is not going to be a mistake or an accident is going to be a long-term care failure, where the nursing home knows about these things that this resonant needs but also provides and therefore they are not adjusting the residents out of their well-being which leads to serious injuries or even death.

Reach out and talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer today.