4 Stretches to Ease Arthritis Morning Stiffness

Arthritis Morning Stiffness

If you are a senior living with arthritis, you may associate the morning with stiff joints, popping knees, and creaking bones. These are all symptoms of arthritis morning stiffness, and it’s imperative for caregivers and home health aides to educate themselves on how to combat it.

Luckily, through adopting a regular stretching regiment, there is a way to soothe aching joints. The following will look at a few stretches that can help quell morning stiffness, and help seniors greet the day!

Arthritic Stretches for the Lower Body

1. Pelvic Floor Opener

This stretch can be accomplished from a bed, or, with the help of a home health aide, on the floor! The senior should place both feet on the surface, with knees bent. Crossing the left leg over the right thigh, seniors should loop their hands behind their right knee or thigh. 

Once in position, aging loved ones can gently pull on the right leg. After holding this stretch for 30 seconds, seniors can return to the starting position and repeat the process on the other leg.

2. Hip Rotations

This stretch also begins from a reclining position. The patient should have both legs extended out, knees straightened, and legs wide. Once in position, the patient should exhale and rotate their legs, pointing their toes and knees inward to the center. On the inhale, the individual can rotate back to the starting position.

Arthritic Stretches for the Upper Body

3. Shoulder Rotations

For joint stiffness in the shoulders, aging loved ones should stand or sit with arms at their sides. Working within their own mobility, seniors should rotate their shoulders back for ten breath cycles. The goal is to create one fluid, circular motion. Once the ten rotations backward are complete, arthritis patients should rotate their shoulders forward for ten breath cycles.

4. Back Stretch

For back and shoulder aches, arthritis patients should begin this stretch standing, with both arms at their sides. Now, they can raise their left arm across their chest, making sure to keep it straight. Once the arm is somewhat parallel to the chest, seniors can grasp their left arm, using their right hand or the crook of the right elbow. 

Holding the left arm in place, they should hold the stretch for at least 5 breath cycles. Once completed, they can return to the starting position and begin with the opposite arm.