The Personal Injury Lawsuit Claims Process

Injury Lawyers

If you have ever been injured due to negligence of someone else then you understand how important it is to seek assistance when filing an injury case. You understand that you need injury lawyer, but somebody who has never filed an injury case before is not going to understand the intrinsic details that were required to file a personal injury lawsuit.

And that is what we here to help you with, we are going to walk you through each step of the personal injury lawsuit claims process; and explain how an injury lawyer could help you.

Personal injury cases have many moving parts and they have many causes, therefore you may want to work with the generalized injury lawyers or you might want somebody who specializes in a very specific area of injury law, such as a car accident lawyer or a slip and fall lawyer among others.

The first step in a personal injury case is the investigation. Your injury lawyer is going to interview you, they are going to interview witnesses to the event, they are going to interview any investigating officers, if you took photographs of your accident scene, if you took photographs of your injuries, if you saw a doctor, all of that is going to go straight to your lawyer. Your lawyer is going to be able to use all of these things to begin building a case.

Your medical bills will be used to prove that you were injured in this case and deserve compensation, any damage to your vehicle or home depending on the type of accident that you were injured in, will be used as evidence to prove that you deserve further compensation. If you are out of work due to injuries, that will be used to calculate how much compensation you deserve for loss of wages. 

After your lawyer has investigated and has a good idea of the demands they would like to make on your behalf, they will prepare the demand letter. Your personal injury lawyer is going to keep close contact, they are going to watch your injuries and treatment, they are going to keep obtaining copies of your medical records, bills and the results of any test medical provider may give you.

Once you have reached the maximum improvement that you are able to meet working with all of the available physicians for your condition, your lawyer will then meet with you and they will help you process a demand letter. This demand letter is going to be sent to the party’s insurance carrier, and it is going to include documentation for the evaluation that your attorney did to get to that number; because your attorney is going to request compensation in this letter and they are going to use everything listed above to do that.

If you cannot agree on settlement you should go to trial.