What to Expect from a Chiropractic Appointment

Trying a new treatment to solve your pain can be daunting. Chiropractic care is no different than any other. You aren’t entirely sure what to expect from that initial appointment or if it will really work to help your problems. You aren’t the only person to wonder this, so here’s a breakdown of what you can expect. An appointment usually takes around 45 minutes, but it could be longer.

First Assessment

Before you begin, a chiropractor will want to get a good understanding of what is causing your pain and where issues may exist. They may ask you when the pain first emerged and where it feels like it is located, as well as what kind of pain it is (dull, sharp, throbbing, etc.), if you’ve been in an accident recently or if any exercise or movements specifically trigger it. If it isn’t clear where your pain is originating from, they will work with you to identify it. Having your medical and family history on hand can also steer them in the right direction.

Physical Examination

Next, a chiropractor will check your physical condition by taking blood pressure and examining your reflexes. They may analyze these results as a part of diagnosing problems and determining what kind of care to treat you with. To finish off the exam, they will complete chiropractic tests that carefully look at movement and range of motion in your joints, and your muscle strength and tone. Understanding how your muscles and joints impact your neural pathways and health are one of the underlying aspects of chiropractic care.


A chiropractor may go further in testing by taking x-rays to see if they are missing anything through an external exam. The chiropractor will use all of the information they have collected to decide how to treat you. They will also take into account if you have weak bone density, are older or have suffered from an accident. It is important to make sure you inform the chiropractor of all medical history and information so that they have the whole picture to work with.

Though chiropractic care is very safe, leaving out information could lead a chiropractor to use techniques that do more harm than good. Talk to your doctor first about seeing a chiropractor and get their opinion on how it can address your pain. Don’t be afraid to ask a chiropractor, like a chiropractor from Lotus Wellness Center, questions about your concerns so that you can enter all your appointments with confidence.